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Product Details - RV Alarm System

RV Alarms and Security Systems


  • RVNanny™ Base Station (all sensors included)
  • RVNanny™ Users Guide
  • Easy Command Card
  • AC Power Adapter/Transformer
  • DC Power Cable
  • Cell Phone Antenna
  • DC Cigarette Adapter
  • 4 AA nickel cadmium batteries
  • T-Mobile SIM Card



  • Base Unit is powered by 120VAC (wall transformer included) or the RV’s 12-24 Volt DC systems (cigarette adapter included). The RVNanny™ has built-in rechargeable battery (NI-CAD) back-up.
  • RVNanny™ consumes lminimal power(50mA) and can be used for long periods of time without draining RV’s batteries.



  • Simply plug in either the 12VDC or the 120VAC adapter into the Base Unit and turn on unit.
  • Easy to program, simply send a text message on your cell phone number and the RVNanny™ does the rest.
  • Program up to three different contacts if alarm is activated.
  • Daily status reports on all parameters are sent by text message to your cell phone at noon each day.



  • No monthly monitoring fees or contracts.
  • The pre-installed Datablaze/T-Mobile SIM card costs under $10/month and includes 300 text messages a month or, buy your own SIM card from a GSM cellular carrier (such as AT&T or T-Mobile). Most “pay as you go” plans range from 10 - 15 cents per text message. Average cost per year is $100.


How RVNanny™ Uses the GSM Network
The RVNanny™ employs the GSM network because of its quality of service and reliability. The RVNanny™ will operate as long as it is within a GSM network of which, extends throughout the world. Before the RVNanny™ can access the GSM cellular network, the SIM card (Subscriber Information or Identity Module) which holds the subscriber's account information including the RVNannys phone number, must be activated. This network is activated by an account with a GSM cellular carrier such as Cingular and T-Mobile.

NOTE: For your convenience, The BoatNanny™ staff will install a pre-activated SIM card. Provide up to three cell phone numbers that you want alarm messages to be sent to, and your BoatNanny™ will be ready to work right out of the box. Nothing to program or install, just plug it in! There is no fee for the programming/installation of the pre-activated SIM card. This service is offered by Datablaze/T-Mobile and includes 300 text messages/month for under $10. Call (508)845-7770 for more details or go to login as nanny, password demo.



The RVNanny™ comes standard with one Blue Base Unit. Each unit has its own sensors and can be accessed by your cell phone. Below is a list of the sensors, their functions and locations.

Base UnitBase Unit:

  • Temperature Sensor - The temperature sensor monitors the temperature in the cabin. You can set the low and high temperature thresholds. If the temperature goes above or below the threshold, you will be notified. For example, if the heat in the RV fails and the temperature falls below the threshold, an alarm message will be sent.

  • Motion Sensor - The motion sensor points toward the entrance of the cabin. If someone enters the RV, it would trip the motion sensor and notify you. The motion sensor selected is a highly accurate sensor that activates only when someone enters the detection zone. It is not activated by the RV rocking, or from curtains moving, etc.

  • AC/DC loss of power - The RVNanny™ sends you an alarm message if there is a loss of AC or DC power. For instance, if your AC power becomes unplugged, or if your 12V battery becomes discharged, the RVNanny™ will alert you. Every RV Nanny has a re-chargeable battery (NI-CAD) back-up system included in each unit.

  • Smoke Detector - The RVNanny™ monitors the existing smoke/fire alarm and sends an alarm message when smoke or fire is detected in the cabin.

  • Audio Microphone - Simply call The RVNanny™ and you can listen in on the activities and audio levels within the cabin.


Optional accessories:
If motion is detected in your RV, The RVNanny™ has the ability to connect to a siren. Siren can be added to system with purchase of remote unit. Additional Wireless Remote unit available for separate outside hatch or door (call for details).

  • Siren (siren sold separately, not included in package)

Indoor/outdoor surface mount Siren/Strobe alarm

6-14 volts 105 dB at 12VDC
UV resistant, high impact poly carbonate plastic case.



  • RVNanny™ is guaranteed for one year. In the event of defects in materials or workmanship we will repair this product with new parts, free of charge.
  • RVNanny™ is a "state of the art" product and uses industrial grade electronics to operate. This product is designed using the finest electronics available and will last for many years with proper care.™ © 2012 RVNanny - Product Details  |  The BoatNanny